All You Need to Know About Kosher Meals on Wheels

kosher-meals-on-wheelsFor some elderly people, getting out to the grocery store to purchase food and prepare healthy meals is not always an easy task. However, because of a helpful program known as “Meals on Wheels,” aging seniors who are unable to get to the grocery and prepare meals on their own are able to eat properly and regularly.

There are various types of Meals on Wheels programs that are intended to meet the specific needs of seniors. For Jewish seniors who keep kosher, Kosher Meals on Wheels is the variation that will meet their needs wonderfully.

What Is a Kosher Diet?

A kosher diet is one that conforms to the regulations of kashrut, the Jewish dietary law. In Hebrew, the word kosher means ‘fit’ or ‘proper.’ Foods that are deemed kosher are those foods that meet the dietary requirements that have been set forth by Jewish law.

Only foods that are seen fit by the Torah and are prepared in an appropriate way are considered kosher. For example, with regard to meat, only land animals with cloven hooves who chew their cud may be consumed.

What is Kosher Meals on Wheels?

For the elderly Jewish population, Kosher Meals on Wheels makes eating healthy and maintaining a kosher diet possible. Those who live in Massachusetts and reside in a Jewish nursing home can receive kosher menus from this specific Meals on Wheels program.

Thanks to the collaboration of Jewish geriatric services and Kosher Meals on Wheels in Massachusetts, those who are residing in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and skilled rehab centers can uphold their religious beliefs while consuming a healthy and well-balanced diet with delivery of kosher meals.

Eligibility for Kosher Meals on Wheels

The only eligibility requirements for Kosher Meals on Wheels is that a patient must be temporarily or permanently disabled, require outside assistance, and adhere to the dietary requirements set forth by Jewish law.

The Kosher Meals on Wheels

The meals that are provided via Kosher Meals on Wheels all meet the specific laws that govern Jewish dietary requirements. All menus consist of kosher foods. The meals are also prepared in accordance with Jewish law.

While program particulars can vary, participants typically can choose to receive meals that are either meat or dairy, and based on a four-week menu cycle. Participants in this program can request two meals a day if desired.

In addition to being kosher, the Meals on Wheels program can also accommodate specific dietary needs. For example, if a recipient requires a low salt diet or is a diabetic, the menu can be customized to meet those needs.

Do you or does someone you know receive Kosher Meals on Wheels? If so, what are your thoughts about the program? Has it been beneficial? Would you recommend it? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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