Reiki & Judaism

ReikiReiki is a traditional Japanese technique that is gaining in popularity. Especially for those who provide hospice and palliative care services. While it is called a hands-on practice of healing, Reiki therapists generally do not touch the patient receiving the treatment. Reiki practitioners believe that each person has a central energy field that travels throughout their body. When those pathways become blocked, illness can result. Reiki can help to unblock those passages and reconnect a person’s energy field. The practice of Reiki does use cosmic symbols used for healing.

For those of Jewish faith, the question becomes whether or not there is a place for Reiki in Judaism?

In an interview with RNB, Eli Navon, Reiki teacher at the Israel Holyland Reiki Center and the School for Alternative Medicine in Kfar Saba shares his belief that, “Reiki can be practiced by anyone and the Reiki energy and philosophy is compatible with all other energy and beliefs. It’s a cosmic and universal language. It bonds everyone no matter belief or tradition or origin.”

Jewish Reiki Master Alice Langholt agrees. In a thoughtful article on her blog she explains her thoughts on this topic:

Reiki is not a religion. It is a spiritual practice however. That is its essence because it involves connecting with this spiritual energy. It is not a religion because it requires no beliefs, does not single out one group over another, and it does not require a formalized ritual of worship. There are no Reiki holidays. There is not Reiki food. No language needs to be learned. Symbols are optional but have no religious significance. There are precepts, ideas of how Reiki can benefit your life, but it's not considered Law or required faith, or something to accept or suffer any consequences if you don't.”

Here are a few issues for readers to consider:

Now that we’ve introduced you to this practice and shared a few thoughts from experts on the subject, we’d love to hear from you.

Is Reiki a foreign belief?

Can each of the Japanese symbols used in Reiki be paired with a Jewish symbol to strengthen healing?

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