Top 10 Fall Prevention Tips

Falls can lead to not just head injuries and broken bones, but to other serious injuries such as hip fractures, too. Not to mention, falls that do not result in any type of major injury can still leave you fearful or even depressed, which can in turn make it difficult for you to stay active. The good news is you don't have to let the fear of falling rule your life!

You can come up with a fall-prevention plan that will help make your home safer. Your plan should first start with talking with your doctor. He most likely will ask you about any medications you are taking and if you have fallen before. To be sure that it isn’t a condition that is causing your falls, your doctor will review your health history. He will most likely set you up with a plan to prevent falls, such as applying the below 10 fall prevention tips for the indoors and outside.

Indoor Fall Prevention Tips

There are things you can do to prevent yourself from falling. Just by taking some or all of these precautions, you can avoid serious falls.

1) Remove things like clothes, books, and shoes that you can trip over

2) Install lights and handrails on stairs

3) Keep rugs from slipping by using double-sided tape or remove rugs altogether

4) Install grab bars next to and inside the shower or tub and next to toilet

5) Place non-slip mats on shower floors and in the bathtub

6) Add extra lighting in your house

Outdoor Fall Prevention Tips

Just as important as making the inside of your home safe, there are safety precautions you can do for the outside as well. Some things include:

7) Use a walker or cane

8) Avoid falls by wearing rubber-soled shoes

9) When sidewalks are slippery, walk on the grass

10) Throw down kitty litter or salt on icy sidewalks

The good news about falls is that you can prevent most of them. This is through being safe and taking fall prevention measures. There are various inexpensive and simple ways to make your household safer. You can even consult with a professional Occupational Therapist for professional assistance.  Talk with your family members to support you in taking some precautionary steps in making your home safe.  

For even more help with preventing and dealing with falls, contact Fall River Jewish Home at 508.679.6172 to learn about the care services we offer.

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